Common Questions

What is the main difference between ovens?

In addition to the exterior aesthetic difference, that adapts to the preference of each client.
Refers to the door (and chimney) in the type of material used:

  • Zinc Iron – Range of economical material, which oxidizes over time. (Rusty)
  • Stainless Steel (INOX) – Material advised, more durable, does not suffer from oxidation.

Can the oven stay out in the rain?

We recommend that the installation is made in a dry, insulated and covered area, avoiding exposure to adverse weather conditions, for longevity and proper functioning.

Where do I buy the material to insulate the oven?

We have all the necessary insulation material, rock wool and expanded clay.
The quantity will be according to the measurement of the oven.

How is the insulation done and what is its purpose?

Build a box in brick around the oven to apply the rock wool, expanded clay and sand.
In this way it will prolong and make the most out of the thermal energy produced and reduce the consumption of firewood.

Which accessories should I use in a restaurant?

In accordance with Portuguese law, the accessories and utensils you use must be in stainless steel. Check your country’s legislation...
Attached to the oven you will receive an instruction manual.

Who makes the delivery?

The delivery is made through an external logistics company, hired by us.

How much time does the delivery take to arrive?

The delivery time will depend on the destination and the order made. You will be informed.

Can I paint the oven with another colour?

We advise you to use acrylic paint in the colour you want.
We advise you always to check the specifications of the ink so that it does not contain any toxic and/or flammable elements.