Barbecues and Ovens

Modular Modern Style

Our patented design modular style barbecues and ovens are ideal for modern architecture but also look great on any other type of straight-line architecture. They are made up of modules so you can always add complements to improve the appearance, usefulness, storage capacity and size of your barbecue or modular oven later on.

There are several colors available and you can always change or repaint the Barbecue later to give it a new look. The material is waterproofed during the manufacturing process which guarantees greater resistance to the weather.

Cast Stone Modern Style

Rustic Style

Our rustic concrete and brick barbecues are ideal for more traditional architectures. Despite their simplicity, they are built with the same care and quality as any other Avifogo model.

Shale Imitation

Our imitation schist grills are ideal for rustic style architectures. We have models with a traditional look and others with a more modern look with straight lines to cover all preferences.

Traditional Style

Our traditional style barbecues and ovens have the conventional design of Portuguese brick barbecues and ovens. Although they do not fit well with more modern architectures, it is still a preference of many customers because they look great in all other styles of architecture, especially in older styles.

Traditional Ovens

Our individual wood ovens (with or without insulation) are built with clay pot or brick. We have several models to choose from to satisfy all needs.

Cork coated ovens have better weather resistance and so they can stay outdoors but a carport is always advisable.