Shipping feature

Shipping feature


1. Date of dispatch

On the order confirmation, an approximate shipping date will be given. Shipping will depend on the available stock or the time required to manufacture the ordered items.

The date of shipment may change, but the customer will always be informed as soon as it is anticipated that it will change (both in advance and postponed).


2. Shipping

The shipment of the order will only be made after confirmation of payment, so it may be different from the scheduled delivery date if the customer is slow to make the payment or the medium used for it is time consuming (please note that international bank transfers may take a long time approximately 3 to 10 days).


3. Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on the ordered items and the postal code of reception. Any customer can arrange transportation with their preferred package delivery company if they wish to do so or they can pick up the items at our premises.